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Canada's Best Beauty Talent: Caylee Wasilenko

The winner of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent is...CAYLEE WASILENKO! After six exciting and unique challenges, Caylee’s flair for creating fashion-forward hairstyles that pushed the limits and showed off her amazing talent and technique helped her win the coveted title over 11 other promising and talented contestants.

Before the final challenge, Caylee was named Best Hair Talent and contestant Marcia Garnes was named Best Makeup Talent. Each won exposure in fall issues of Flare, HELLO! Canada and LOULOU magazines and their portfolios will be reviewed and critiqued by the editors. They’ll create a beauty blog to appear on and attend the Toronto International Film Festival with L’Oréal Paris!

For the final challenge, Caylee and Marcia created two distinctly different looks on twin models. Both artists showcased some of their best work and impressed the judges - so much so, that in the end, the judges decided to leave the selection of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent to the viewers. The voting was close, but after thousands of votes, Caylee won the prestigious title, along with an exciting trip to Paris to experience the City of Lights and the world of L’Oréal!

Caylee was overwhelmed and excited when she discovered she was the competition winner.
“I’m so excited! It’s so great to have had so much support from viewers and friends - it’s amazing to have all those people behind you! And it was great to be in the finale with Marcia. We were partners right at the beginning and we had great energy then. I felt the finale was a great expression of what I like to do with hair.”

Marcia was thrilled to be named Best Makeup Talent:
“It was such an honour! I was so glad to be able to showcase my strengths as a makeup artist. It actually created a sense of validation for me. Starting out in the arts is very difficult, and at times, you have moments of doubt about your career choice. I couldn’t be happier about the recognition and reaction from the judges. I want to thank everyone who has supported me in my career, as well as on the show. And I’d like to say to other makeup artists that it’s hard work, but stay consistent, be professional and continue to work on your craft and you’ll be successful.”

Caylee also looks forward to a bright future: “I’m excited about where this takes me in my career. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I’m definitely open to new opportunities. Thanks to everyone who watched, voted and shared their kind words. And to all the new stylists out there - follow your dreams and go for it! It’s a great journey!”
How did Caylee create these amazing looks? Here are the products used to get the looks:
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Canada’s Best Beauty Talent is…CAYLEE!
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One hair or makeup contestant will win each week. The contestant with the most viewer votes will be awarded one hair OR makeup artist tool kit. Product will be provided by the category sponsor of the episode. Approx value $250. Voting begins 9pm each Sunday night and ends the following Friday midnight. Viewers vote one time per day for their favourite contestant.